Imaging and Sensing with optical fibers helps minimally invasive surgeries and non-invasive diagnostic procedures. Various medical tools can be enhanced with fiber optic technology and ultimately improve the standard of care.

From optimized single-mode fiber to tailored GRIN fiber, OFS engineering support helps customers choose the best fiber product for their device.

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Single-Mode Fibers
Part Number
Operating Wavelength
聽NA MFD Clad Coating Coating Material
BF05717-01 1310 nm 0.12 9.3 卤 0.5 碌m 125 卤 1 碌m 155 卤 5 碌m PYROCOAT庐
BF05717-06 1270 – 1340 nm 0.12 9.3 卤 0.5 碌m 125 卤 1 碌m 155 卤 5 碌m PYROCOAT庐
BF04441-06 1310 nm 0.12 9.3 卤 0.5 碌m 80 卤 2 碌m 100 卤 4 碌m PYROCOAT庐
Multimode Graded-Index Fibers
Part Number
NA Core Clad Coating Coating Material
BF04433 0.20 50 卤 3 碌m 125 卤 2 碌m 155 卤 5 碌m PYROCOAT庐
F19230-01 0.275 62.5 卤 3 碌m 125 卤 1 碌m 155 卤 5 碌m PYROCOAT庐

* PYROCOAT庐 is a registered trademark of OFS FITEL, LLC. for
polyimide coating

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